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Process Orders 5x Faster with

Easy, Integrated E-Commerce

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    • Works with QuickBooks and other systems
    • Instant order delivery - no file download or export
    • Fast and easy setup
    • Connects various e-commerce systems
    • Enter a batch of orders with one click
    • Set up customers and items automatically
    • Connect suppliers too: orders, tracking & invoices
    • Free for 30 days, plans from $49/year

“Saves us countless hours” Dan Stroup, Cartridge Plus. "It’s a fabulous package, the data goes just where we want”, Patrick B., NTW. “Traxian has reduced our order processing time from thirty minutes to five minutes or less. Just two clicks and we are done. We have zero-errors now and it has improved our entire order-to-cash process.”  Ajay P., US Government Supplier.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use – one easy way to receive & send with your system
  • Easy set up – just tell us who you want to connect with, we’ll do the rest
  • Save time and money – cut data entry, reduce errors
  • Grow your business without adding admin staff to handle the paper
  • Flexible – orders, prices/items, invoices and more
  • Win customers – be visible to more customers who want to buy electronically
  • Grows with you – start simple and grow: add partners, processes
  • Integrates with most software &

    systems you and your partners use


Supported E-Commerce Systems & Networks

Traxian connects with many different e-commerce systems:

  • Web stores & shopping carts
  • Payment/checkout systems like Paypal and Google Checkout
  • Payment gateways like
  • Government systems like DOD Emall and GSA Advantage
  • Enterprise purchasing portals and networks like Ariba & Oracle iSupplier

Traxian can also integrate your other systems and trading partners, large or small - just click the button to get started.

How Traxian Works

Easy for You

  1. Tell us which trading partners or networks you want do business with electronically.
  2. We’ll set up your connection to them through the Traxian Network
  3. Traxian Software connects over the Internet, and tells you when new documents are received

  4. You see a notification when new documents arrive
  5. The Traxian Software adds your documents to QuickBooks
  6. Supplier overcharges and other errors are now fewer and easier to handle


Easy to Connect Other Customers

You want to start by automating with your biggest customers.  But what about your other customers and trading partners?  Some may already have asked you to do this - others are happy to do so if asked.

You can benefit by getting more partners connected - even including suppliers.  Traxian can help.  Some are already on our network - others can easily be added.  Ask us for more information.


Traxian vs. Traditional Software Solutions
Benefits Comparison Traditional
Fast: Time to implement
4-12 months
1-2 weeks
More: Trading partner & network connections available
Flexible: Connect your partners via the Traxian Network
Easy: One-time setup enables any partner connection
Easy: Setup work with partners is done for you
Easy: One easy way to receive and send documents
Standards-based: Supports XML and EDI standards