Solutions by Business Challenge

Relationships with customers and suppliers are a key aspect of any business.  Many, if not most business challenges touch on these relationships somehow.  Traxian offers solutions aimed at helping companies address a variety of these challenges by improving integration with business partners.

Here are some of the business challenges Traxian has helped our customers address:

  • Serving Customers Better & More Profitably
    • Meeting e-business requirements from customers large and small, at low cost to you and them
    • Providing an initial load item & price data in the required format for a customer's system
    • Serving smaller customers better and more profitably
    • Finding new fee-based value-added services to offer customers
  • Reducing IT Costs
    • Reducing the cost of managing e-business complexity
    • Supporting business growth with existing staff
    • Reducing the costs of bad or missing data
  • Finding Operational Efficiencies & Reducing Admin Costs
    • Eliminating paper-based manual processes by connecting suppliers and customers electronically
    • Improving profits through better management of inventory and prices
  • Connecting More Partners & Processes
    • Increasing returns on e-business investments such as portals or integration software by getting more partners connected
    • Enhancing value to partners and overcoming resistance and by offering them easy-to-use solutions with seamless, end-to-end integration
    • Enhancing existing electronic relationships with partners by automating additional processes such as price updates or orders
    • Connecting small suppliers with limited IT capabilities & budgets