Solutions by Size of Business

Depending on the size of your business, the e-business challenges and opportunities you face vary enormously. Budgets, resources, and experience in connecting partners vary enormously as well.   Traxian understands these differences and how to help address them.  There's a common theme, whether you are wrestling with internal challenges, or those relating to partners - how to make it easy.  Traxian solutions are designed to fit with - and connect - the existing processes, people and behaviors, between trading partners of any size.

Click below for more on solutions specifically for:

Small businesses: new to e-business, planning first connections with partners, or wondering about costs and benefits

Mid-size businesses: some partner connections in place, needing to connect new partners or processes.   Considering how to manage cost & complexity, or weighing in-house versus outsourced approaches.

Large businesses: robust e-business infrastructure already in place, looking to increase ROI by adding new processes, and scaling out to mid-size and smaller partners