Buy Now - Traxian Service Plans

Traxian Service is free for up to 10 transactions a month, or 30 days. Buy a paid service plan here to continue or upgrade your service.


    Monthly Transactions (1) Monthly Cost Monthly Cost after Rebate (2) Annual Plan (3) (two months free)
    10 FREE    
    50 $29.90  
    100 $49.90
    250 $99.90
    500 $169.90

By purchasing a plan, you agree:

  1. A “Transaction” is a sale, an order or any other document processed through Traxian.
  2. To receive a Rebate, if indicated, you agree to participate in the Traxian Partner Connect Program, i.e. you agree, and authorize your e-commerce solution provider, upon request to (i) include in your emailed orders and/or invoices a Traxian link inviting your supplier/customer to get connected, and (ii) register your suppliers’ names with Traxian for connecting if and when available.
  3. Annual Plans include twelve times the number of Transactions for the corresponding Monthly Plan, usable any time within twelve months.
  4. To Traxian's Terms of Service.