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Get Back Control of Your

Retail Business

    In 13 days...
    • Get the same efficiencies as Wal-Mart when Traxian connects your DSD suppliers
    and Traxian will...
    • Cut your check-in times by 50%
    • Reduce your invoice errors by 30%
    • Save you $2,000 per store

Key Benefits

  • Save time - 50% faster data entry of invoices and price book updates
  • Reduce errors by 30%, when your price book is up-to-date with vendors
  • Easy to use - one easy way to connect with all your key suppliers
  • Easy set up - just tell us who your suppliers are, we'll do the rest
  • Integrated with many popular back office systems
  • No change - your receiving process works the same way...but faster


The Traxian® Network connects you easily to suppliers nationwide

  • Coca-Cola
  • Anheuser-Busch Distributors
  • Other DSD vendors and distributors
  • Adding more all the time - we can connect yours

How Traxian Works

Easy for You

  1. Tell us about your suppliers and stores
  2. We’ll set up your supplier connections through the Traxian Network
  3. Traxian Software connects over the Internet, and tells you when new electronic invoices or price book updates are received

  4. Electronic documents are delivered to stores directly, or through your central office, as preferred
  5. Store and Price Book managers receive items as they do now - but faster, with less data entry
  6. Supplier overcharges and other errors are now fewer and easier to handle
Traxian for Retailers (PDF)

Easy for Your Large Suppliers

It’s how your large suppliers like to do business, and there’s no cost to them.

  • Easy to set up - no change to their existing e-business system, just one connection to the Traxian Network
  • Easy to activate - you or other new retailers can just be "switched on"
  • No cost to the supplier

Easy for Your Small Suppliers

Traxian offers solutions integrated with QuickBooks and other popular applications used my mid-sized, smaller and regional suppliers.

Traxian vs. Traditional Software Solutions
Benefits Comparison Traditional
Fast: Time to implement 4-12 months 1-2 weeks
More: Supplier connections available Limited Many
Flexible: Connect your suppliers via the Traxian Network
Easy: One-time setup enables any supplier connection
Easy: Setup work with suppliers is done for you
Easy: One easy way for you to receive documents
Standards-based: Supports PCATS-NAXML and EDI