Solution providers play a key role in helping enterprises manage their relationships with suppliers, customers and partners, including the business transactions that occur with those trading partners. While integration efforts are easy to justify for the largest few partners, the last 20-50% of transactions often come from hundreds or thousands of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). Custom integration is economically infeasible for these smaller businesses... and building SMB software is outside most enterprise solution providers' core competence.

Traxian solves this problem for solution providers by enabling them to deliver a more complete solution to their enterprise (and SMB) customers, one that can be easily implemented at both ends.

Traxian seeks leading software and services organizations to develop, promote and sell their products and services in conjunction with Traxian’s SMB paperless transaction integration software. Ideal partners are technology leaders who share our commitment to enabling the secure exchange of data between business partners of any size, from Global 2000 companies to small and medium sized businesses. Partners can leverage Traxian’s deep understanding of the needs of smaller businesses by providing solutions that work from within the popular SMB financial applications, seamlessly integrating with enterprises via the partner’s technology. Ideal partners participate in the following categories:

• EDI & Interchange Networks
• Financial Institutions & Outsourcers (E-Banking, EIPP)
• Systems Integrators & Consultants

• Internet Collaboration & Transaction Management
• Enterprise Application & B2B integration software (EAI, B2BI)
• Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)
• Supplier & Partner Relationship Management (SRM & PRM)